Some comments from my students 🙂

“Louise is a fantastic singing teacher. My daughter always looks forward to her weekly lessons. So lovely to see her confidence grow with the support of Louise.” Jessica

“Miss Mott, is absolutely amazing with my 2 boys 7 and 10yrs, I often listen in ore” with the way she engages with them, she has their full attention from start to finish and I’m so thrilled that we found her after making the move from Bristol.
Miss Mott just has an ora that makes us all feel at ease, which is extremely important when finding the right teacher. It’s not the easiest of tasks keeping a 7yr old engaged but she does it amazing. Thank you Miss Mott and if your reading this look no further, it’s clear she loves what she does and that rubs off on those she teaches.” Lisa

“Miss Mott has been a wonderful and inspiring teacher to my daughter for a number of years!” Mel

“Miss Mott taught me when I was at Okehampton College. In our time together, helped me get to Grade 4.

Her lessons are fun and she breaks down everything in to easy to manage sections. As an individual who can’t read music, she helped me learn how to sing through listening and repetition. 10/10!” Emma

“After my wife died I was encouraged to take up Choral singing which I had not previously done.  Later I enrolled with Louise for lessons. Since then she has improved my voice enormously in quality, diction and timing. I am currently singing in two choirs and my confidence has improved to the point where I am starting to sing solos with a view to performing in concerts to raise money for charities. I have found that having suffered a life changing experience, singing is very therapeutic.” Brian (81)


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“I enjoy my singing lessons with Louise as she is very enthusiastic and makes the lessons fun.” Leane (11)

“Louise never fails to amaze me, as a teacher and as a person. Her professional knowledge and experience are very impressive – she’s been there, she’s done it; Louise is familiar with most singing languages, including beautiful Russian, which is very important for me, as it is my first language. Her meticulous (Louise calls it nit-picking) and laid back approach help me to learn a great deal during my happy and relaxed lessons. I am very lucky to have you, thank you Louise!!!” Olga (41)

“Louise’s lessons are very professional, enjoyable, cover a variety of styles and genres of music and are focussed on working on your strengths and weaknesses in a very technically advanced manner – all in the name of improvement, achievement and above all, enjoyment.  As well as teaching for exams, Louise also runs her very own concerts for her students, which are a great experience and are a great goal to aim towards.  She is in very high demand across the county and her lessons are very informative and enjoyable, and I would highly recommend her, as I’m sure many others would too.” Carl (23)

“I enjoy my singing lessons with Miss Mott because I don’t just learn how to sing, but also learn what the words mean and how to pronounce different languages. In my lessons I cover many styles of music including traditional, pop, classical and jazz” Ben (16)